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This is my last post as your PRO-Liason. I want to thank CRW for a wonderful year as PRO liason and let you know how fun it has been to post here every month. Just a few last words and then I’ll be officially off to PAL.

PRO is an opportunity for authors who are serious about being published to have a group of like-minded authors for support and encouragement. You have to have taken the risk of rejection to get into PRO. You might be someone who succeeded, and is being published, but doesn’t yet have PAN status. You might be someone who has published successive books, but never quite made it to the $1,000 mark. Regardless, PRO has support available and a place for you.

This year CRW is starting a new contest, the GO-PRO contest. Just like the BIAY contest entrants will have to commit by putting their $5 in an envelope and just like the BIAY contest only a few will make it to the drawing next January. Unlike BIAY, this contest is only open to those who have yet to make it to PRO. Why are we doing this and how does it affect PRO members?

CRW wants to encourage everyone to try to complete at least a 50,000 word manuscript and to go to the effort to submit it to either an editor or an agent. It’s hard. Just finishing the ms is difficult and then to submit it and likely have it rejected. It’s tough. But these are the first steps to a writing career. Even if you are determined to self-publish.

How does this affect our members who are already PRO? Well, we’re asking you to hold out your hands and help our non-PRO member make that step. Let them know how it felt to finally accomplish something so huge in your career. Let them know that, yes rejection can feel bad, but really it’s just one more step up in your writing career. Let them know you not only survived it, but thrived.

A long time ago I learned that one of the ways I learned a subject, was if I taught it. I was much harder on myself if I had to teach it to someone else. I re-studied and re-learned things I didn’t even know I had learned the first time. And it took me one step closer to mastery. As a PRO member you have something to teach. Think about what you would like to pass on and offer it up to the membership. Chose how you would like to share your experiences. Would you like to blog here about it? Would you like to have a workshop? Would you like to have coffee and share your experiences?

Share your journey to PRO and share your journey to the next step, whether it’s PAN or self-publishing or maybe choosing to stick with novellas and e-pubs. We all have something to share and that is what makes CRW great.

Thanks for a great year and I will see you all in PAL very soon!

Your former PRO liason,

Jessica Aspen

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